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Teaching at Annual McGill Summer Program in Social and Cultural Psychiatry

VTMH Admin - Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Dr Radhika Santhanam-Martin has just returned from the 22nd Annual McGill Summer Program in Social and Cultural Psychiatry. The summer school was established by Professors Laurence Kirmayer, Cecile Rousseau and Jaswant Guzder, from the Division of Social and Transcultural Psychiatry at McGill University, Montreal, Canada. Radhika spent the month of May as a guest of the faculty, co-teaching a clinical workshop, Working with Culture.

Radhika, based at VTMH since 2011, has had a long involvement with the McGill program as a teacher, facilitator, trainer, guest presenter and panelist. This connection, between VTMH and leading researchers and practitioners working in the field of culture and mental health across the globe, is proving invaluable. 

 "The Cultural Conversations activity that I started at VTMH in 2013" Radhika explains, "is based on decade-long summer school experiences at the McGill transcultural unit. I have now facilitated over 30 of these sessions across specialist and community mental health sectors and they continue to be requested by teams throughout Victoria."

A new VTMH workshop Interpreted encounters: Engaging with language and culture in a mental health context also has its origins in the concepts, research and critical scholarship shared at the McGill summer school program over the last few years. Other benefits include co-authoring publications and book chapters and developing collaborative research projects.

For more information about recent publications by Radhika and colleagues at McGill University see:        

Gudzer, J., Santhanam-Martin, R., & Rousseau, C.  (2014). Gender, Power and Ethnicity in Cultural Consultation in Cultural Consultation: Encountering the Other in Mental Health Care, L. Kirmayer, J. Gudzer and C. Rousseau (eds). New York, Springer,  pp. 163-182.

Rousseau, C., Guzder, J., Santhanam-Martin, R., & de la Aldea, E. (2014). Trauma, Culture, and Clinical Work: The “House of Stories” as a Pedagogical Approach to Transcultural Training. Traumatology, 20(3), 191–198.